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Any band or artist that recorded during the 1980's is welcomed here. But we reserve the right to include pioneers from the 70's and the hearty few that made it into the early 90's as well. So please, no quibbling about release dates.

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Black Coffee In Bed
A&M Records (1981) 

‎80RP feels a bit Squeezed today. Another single by one of our fave songwriting teams, the Lennon & McCartney of the Eighties. On backing vocals, Paul Young, fresh from the break-up of the fabled live band the Q-Tips, and some guy named Elvis Costello. The album “Sweets from a Stranger” wasn’t well-received by critics, so after a world tour, Squeeze broke up, and Difford & Tilbrook recorded their eponymous 1984 album.

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