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Sub Pop 200
Various Artists
Sub Pop Records/USA (1988) 

1) Sex God Missy, Tad
2) Is It Day I’m Seeing?, The Fluid
3) Spank Thru, Nirvana
4) Come Out Tonight, Steven J. Bernstein
5) The Rose, Mudhoney
6) Got No Chains, The Walkabouts
7) Dead Is Dead, Terry Lee Hale
8) Sub Pop Rock City, Soundgarden
9) Hangin’ Tree, Green River
10) Swallow My Pride, Fastbacks
11) The Outback, Blood Circus
12) Zoo, Swallow
13) Underground, Chemistry Set
14) Gonna Find a Cave, Girl Trouble
15) Split, The Nights And Days
16) Big Cigar, Cat Butt
17) Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive, Beat Happening
18) Love or Confusion, Screaming Trees
19) Untitled, Steve Fisk
20) You Lost It, The Thrown Ups

The early days of grunge, the shape of things to come.

Illustration by Charles Burns.

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